"All good things are wild and free"
My Name is Taylon; Est.1992♥; Just a free spirit floating along like the wind.

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Instagram: tayloncm

Instagram: tayloncm

head full of curls with the weight of the world

head full of curls with the weight of the world


instagram: tayloncm

Facebook: Taylon Moorer  (my facebook is currently deactivated )

twitter: @therealtayloncm  (my twitter no longer exists)

Youtube: youtube.com/omgtaylon   ( under construction)

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So you want the facts huh?:

Hmmmmm, where do I start?

First off the name is Taylon…sound it out (tAy-lOnnn )
 I’ve been called a an optimistic, free spirit, silly and all kind of other things. 

I’m twenty one years old and attending college as a  mass communications major in hopes of one day becoming a television producer.

Photography is a passion of mines, ever since I received my first photo album and my pink Polaroid camera.

I consider myself unique. I’ve never been one to try to fit in the crowd, and I’ve always done my own thing. I can be a open book at times. I’m the type of chick who loves cartoons, has crushes on odd guys like kid cudi and childish gambino, and talks about sports with the guys( basketballs my favoriteeee). I’m obsessed with females like Aaliyah and jhene aiko, for I see them as inspiration of women who are free spirits and happy to simply be themselves.  I’m not perfect nor will I ever try to be. I tend to enjoy the skin I’m in and enjoy each day I’m given. I have desire to help people and my friends often call me dr.phil (not my favorite nick name). I also love doing charity work, and I really do just want to make a difference in this world…even If I simply change just one single person’s life. There’s layers on top of layers to me, but I often rather people try to get to know me to know all that, so I advise you to read my http://omgtaylon.tumblr.com/tagged/thoughts section, they tell my story a bit, piece by piece.

(Also ask me about ATW productions© & The Poca Project movement …where always looking for new talent and people who want to give back and help the community )

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