"All good things are wild and free"
My Name is Taylon; Est.1992♥; Just a free spirit floating along like the wind.

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I didn’t understand

I was mad

I was bitter.

I couldn’t understand

I was irritate

I couldn’t possibly see how you, the one who broke me, got happiness

I didn’t get it, you didn’t deserve it

I did. 

I looked to god

I thought this had to be a joke

I asked god, “Why?”

I was the victim.

I was the good girl

I thought karma was supposed to serve

I deserved love

I deserved happiness

I didn’t understand.

I still don’t…

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I’ve been runing

I’ve been running so long
My feet hurt.
I haven’t been running from a place
Nor a person
Just thoughts
And I don’t think I have any more energy to run from them
Not anymore….

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No returns from the memory graveyard.

I guess I’m one of those people who feels like 
If you walk out of my life…then you should just stay gone.
A wise person once said, ” Anybody who deserves to be in your life
wouldn’t just leave, not even in the hardest of times.”

If you leave…stay gone….

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My ideal happiness:

My Ideal happiness would to be on some beautiful remote island with someone who is my soul mate. We could be away from all of the modern stuff and just live off of love. Id spend days bare naked swimming in the bluest of oceans, eating fruits. Writing and watching the beauty of the earth. I wouldn’t be clinged to no technology or society’s conformity. I would be at peace and simply enjoy the love of my life and the beauty around us.

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Never Got Over That…

Why was I there for you
But you was never there for me?
That’s something I never really got over
Why isn’t that something you can’t see?

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"How come you got break my heart, and always got to be the happy one. You always did get your way."
Is karma even real

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Just A Taste.

The taste of his lips was like a long poem
Or maybe it was like a long song
Endless, with intense and emotion
You could get lost in it, drown it, like the deepest ocean.

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Last night I dreamed I was in paris
Kissing some love of my life under the Eiffel tower.
I wonder if that was a dream….or a premonition.

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Kanye West- All Falls Down (2004)

This was honestly the video that inspired me to want to make videos. I remember being at my grandparents just layin down watching videos on BET, when this came on. The videography captivated me. Because it was made to be from the artist( Kanye’s) point of view. It also helped that they had such a beautiful lead girl and that Kanye’s lyrics were so raw and real. Til this day, I yearn to create such a classic video with all these perfect elements. 


Au Meme: J. Cole talking about a special girl that used to be apart of his life, who is he talking about? You be the judge of that.

Jermaine: “I loved her and I still love her, she was God’s gift to be and I never took advantage of it, it’s crazy how you can be so dumb in love, think that nothing can take that away from you how it can never slip through your fingers, then one day bam it’s like you’ve never had it, that’s how I felt when I lost her, but like I said I’m not the one to hold a grudge, I see now that she’s more happier than ever…sadly she looks more happier then how I made her.”

"When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own."
Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹)

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Everyone out here looking for a relationship or some type of companionship right now….and me….well I’m just chillin.
I just don’t want that right now. I rather just hang with someone/people who get me/ understand me.

But I said that last time…and we saw how that ended.

I’m enjoying the peace and quit…and this lovely drama free life. 

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do you have those memories that are really cringey and you never speak of and something triggers the memory and you want to fucking wash your brain out with bleach

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